Reading References

Appropriated Articles

– This collection of articles on Indigenous cultural appropriation is a good place to start

– “An Open Letter To My Local Hipsters”by Sarah Hunt, Media Indigena

– CBC News – ‘Ethnic costumes’ email draws protest news report

– More articles on Indigenous cultural appropriation

– New York Times – “Gone global: Fashion as art”

– Montreal Mirror – “Massive Aboriginal Attack”

Fashion Bloggers

-Jessica Metcalfe’s blog is important in providing a contextualization of contemporary discourse on fashion and Aboriginal identity

-WTForever21, a blog about the oddities of Forever 21’s line including an interest in “Tribal” pieces

– The Jealous Curator “I’m jealous of Neil Krug & Joni Harbeck” blog

-References from Kim Hunter in UW Women’s Studies:

Fashion Websites

-Fashion Vonwild website for local controversial designers working with mukluks and feather accessories of Fashion/warrioroffashion.html

– Anthropologie website for

“Authentic” Websites

-Minnetonka moccasins website

– Sage Paul – “Authentic Appropriations”


-NMAI’s exhibition “Identity by Design: Tradition Change and Celebration in Native Women’s Dresses” curated by Colleen Cutschall and Emil Her Many Horses

-“Aware: Art, Fashion, Identity” exhibition


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