Trending Day 3

Video created 3 radio stars, special programming

The Ephemerals took over the CKUW 95.9 radio show from 11 – 12 noon today to discuss their project, Trending and the issues found within popular culture mediums such as music, art and fashion. We unpack ideas of cultural appropriation, misrepresentation and general identity politics. We play the good, the bad but relevant songs and audio clips.

Check out our first radio interview CKUW’s Eat your Arts and Vegetables 

Listen to The Ephemeral’s one hour broadcast on CKUW 95.9, its like Say it Sista with Feathers

Here are some of the tracks…

JB The First Lady “Get Ready Get Steady” (2011)

Buffy Sainte-Marie “Circle Game” (1970)

Charlie Hill on the RIchard Pryor Show (1977)

Johnny Preston “Running Bear” (1959)

Ghostkeeper “Haunted” (2010)


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